Our mission

The 777 is the first private startup incubator in Sousse. We help young people create successful startups and achieve their dreams by offering a range of infrastructure, business advisory, mentoring and financial services.

We believe that the students of today are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, so our mission is to support young entrepreneurs with great ideas who have the vision to change the world.

Our services are made for visionary people with a desire to build meaningful products and support the blossoming of the Tunisian startup ecosystem.


What we do?

Our goal with this project is, first, to let youth know the power of an idea well thought out. We focus on seed and early stage startups, across all sectors, with the ambition to generate some pretty impressive companies.

Second, we aim to rise awareness about the entrepreneurship mindset in this country and beyond in order to highlight the importance of startups and emphasize on what lasting impact startups have in the ecosystem


Our philosophy at the 777 is to encourage and incubate technology based startups with innovative products and services. We aim to support, develop and spread the entrepreneurship mindset while supporting young people in starting their own business.

We believe that founding a startup is similar to giving birth, so that’s why our incubation program is 9 months long! This is how it works:

  • Call for applications : Everyone is invited to submit their startup idea via our website. Each idea and Incubation request will be carefully screened on various parameters set-up by experts and mentors to ensure that only commercially viable and scalable proposals get through.

  • Selection : The team of experts and mentors will invite the startups who stand out for a one to one interview to give them the chance to present their project and idea in details. We also want to discover the chemistry between the team mates who are working on the project.

  • Demo day : Once you’re selected and integrated the program, you will be invited for a demo day to present your idea in front of potential investors.

    At the end, you’ve joined the program as a team or simply as an individual and you’ll leave it as a founder and funded startup!



    Whether you are taking your first steps or you’re a confirmed entrepreneur, The 777 will give you the opportunity to access to the platforms of our partners in order to demonstrate your vision and have their feedback. They will help you validate and refine your business model and therefore, better understand the market.

  • GROWTH :

    We offer more than money! The 777 is built on an infrastructure of the best community, vibrant network in Tunisia and France and efficient access to capital to support you as you build your startup.


    We give the chance to innovative startups to be part of the program either they're in Tunisia or elsewhere. Distance shoudn't be a brake to innovation and creativity.


    We will surround you with experienced mentors and coaches from our network, to give you market insights, technology best practices and advice in order to strategically scale your business.


    We offer a top notch infrastructure for the incubated startups to give them the opportunity to get things done in the best conditions.


    we will create tailor cut startups in order to respond to an existant need of a big industry, bank, ministry, telco. This will be a win win situation for both sides: the startup is sure about its exit, and the company will have an in house solution for its problem.


The 777 team is made up of experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and ecosystem builders ready to bring their expertise and assist the incubates in the different stages of their evolution.

Khaireddine FREDJ






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